How Signage Can Improve Your Business

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First impressions are everything

The team at Maxi Signs knows more than anyone when it comes to making first impressions – after all, that’s what signage is all about.

Whether it’s a person looking to turn a hobby into a business or successful business owner already, having a strong visual presence can make or break the bottom line and affects how clients and customers interact and engage with the brand.

This is all due down to how society has developed post-modernization. Products. Logos. Social media. Services. The instant gratification of instant messaging. The way we communicate and perceive the world is now a very different world.

Everything that a business chooses to represent itself creates a holistic experience for the consumer. Due to how people are moving further to online business models, even more people are forgetting that signage can have just as much of an impact as your social media accounts or website.

In this article, we’ll be able to see how signage can improve your business.

Visual communication

The human brain processes images and sounds far faster than language. This means that signage tends to be the most effective form of communication for a business.

Signage outdoors and graphics on windows can greatly affect how a physical store performs. This is because signs have a function greater than merely informing. Unconsciously, consumers make assumptions on business following the visual quality and attractiveness of their signs, logos, and visual displays. Even though it’s an assumption, this carries over to how the customer would perceive the quality of a company’s services, products, and other assets.

Professionally made outdoor signage can improve the brand’s exposure. This results in the acquisition of new clients and repeats customers. On the other hand, poor signage can deter people from engaging with a business.

Visual communication is made even more effective in digital media too. Digital signage essentially carries the brand’s identity on every page, post, email, and communication with the company’s audience within that niche.

Therefore, improving your businesses visual branding can make you stand out among the crowd.

Standing out in a digital world

Starting a business is easier than ever with all of the support and incentives made available by governments and charities around the world. The greatest challenge for any business is making itself unique compared to its competitors.

Physical and digital signage can often be a major differentiator. Think about it, why would a consumer choose one business over another. Creative storefront signs, logos, flyers, and business cards can often help to attract customers and draw them into your brick and mortar store or your online shop.

As well as aiding in making the business stand out, they are a crucial component of your business’ marketing strategy. It has been proven in several economist studies that small and large companies benefit from using signs as an effective marketing tool.

Constant creative marketing

Signage acts as an ongoing marketing campaign that is visible twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The trick that most businesses miss is that consistency in signage is key.

Consistency in visual branding acts as a marketing tool to creatively communicate and promote a narrative by using the same fonts, colors, and themes. This allows a brand over time to become recognizable and relatable – this reduces the barrier to entry for a consumer to decide to purchase from a business.

It will also enable consumers to begin building a relationship with the business too. Eventually, this turns into brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is the most powerful form of social currency that a business can foster in this digital world.

Sales and Awareness

The greater this brand loyalty becomes, the more likely that customers will help to spread the message. Recognition for a brand makes it easier to affect the attitudes and perceptions of a target audience. This becomes a feeling of connectedness and “stickiness” with the brands you like. This results in repeat purchases, great market share, and even great global awareness.

Coca-Cola has been using signage to its full potential for a very long time and it is one of the leading determiners to its success.

Furthermore, quality signage with good designs can generate a greater quantity of unplanned impulse purchases. In fact, in 2019 there was an estimated range of between 20-45% of business sales come from impulse sales.

Tapping into this part of the business would be a wise decision that any savvy business would want to do.

It also enables business owners to engage with their consumers.

Interacting with your customer base

Digital signage also has a powerful function to it – data science.

Whether it’s on Instagram, part of your email campaign, or a post on Facebook, signage can be used to gain valuable data. This information is often highly targeted specifically to the ideal customer. Likes. Dislikes. What they find informative, fun, interesting, or evocative are powerful tools you can use to pivot your marketing strategy in a way that can only improve footfall – physical and digital.

Another advantage that this brings to a business is that it improves how customers can be engaged with. Modern marketing strategies utilize physical and digital signage to allow a consumer to minimize the time between thinking time and taking action. It can also make it easier for your salespeople.

Companies that use signage often find that their customers are better informed and more likely to know what they want in the first place, making the narrowing down of services and products a breeze.

Reports on “InfoTrends 2019” revealed that signage can also help to boost the average cart amount by upwards of 30%. This is because when we are familiar with a brand, we are more likely to spend more money and purchase more. Signage is all around us and the world is oversaturated with it. Humans are fantastic in being able to filter out what they do and do not like or respond to.

However, people don’t get bored by signage and Nielsen data suggests that more than 55% of people are engaged by signage and greater than 70% of people recall looking at a billboard, poster or sign within the last month.

Consumer empathy

The simplest way to start thinking about improving your signage is incredibly simple. Simple stand outside of your business or look at your social media feeds and look at your signage and brand communication. Put yourself into the shoes of your customers.

How clear is it? Does it communicate what the brand is about? Would a potential customer understand the product or service that is available?

Signage needs to be clear and concise as well as communicating who the business is and what it stands to represent. If you have this empathy with potential consumers, it will enable you to make decisions that will improve how your business connects with the emotions of your audience.

Once you have this knowledge, it will allow you to better select the correct banners, flyers, business cards, and more that will continue customer relations even when the store is closed.

Where to get started?

The internet is the greatest source of information available these days, but it is also the greatest cause of confusion. That’s where we come in.

We have an in-house team of experienced designers who are ready to help small and large businesses alike. We’ve disseminated all of the most important information when it comes to getting signage products for your business and is happy to share this information with you to give you what you need to get started.

If you’ve followed the steps above, it will allow you to communicate to us what your business wants to project to your customers. Understanding what makes your company stand out will be a two-way conversation and we always pay special attention to the satisfaction of our customers.

It’s been proven that most business owners who simply take the first step to find out more about how signage can improve their businesses and what options are available are more likely to develop businesses that become more recognizable, more relatable, and more successful.

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