5 Benefits Of Mesh Banners

Sydney Metro builder advertising on square banner

A banner is a great form of advertising and an effective way to get information across to a wide range of people. A well-placed banner with decent roadside exposure will get your companies name and message across far quicker than just word of mouth.

There are several different types of banners out there and it can seem hard to narrow it down at first glance. However this is where Maxi Signs is here to help – whether you want to increase your branding on-site or advertise a promotional event – we believe that mesh banners are the way to go.

Why Choose Mesh?

There is no substitution for quality and by choosing a mesh sign, you are guaranteed to get a good deal. They are incredibly strong and durable, work in every location, and as an added benefit, at Maxi Signs we use top quality thick 300gsm mesh with airholes.

These airholes mean a sign will allow wind to pass through, and not block out the light. By choosing mesh you can install a sign onto all different structures – such as scaffolding or a balcony.

This makes a mesh sign far more versatile than an opaque sign and is suitable for all your needs. Whether it is a permanent installation or something that will move around with your sites – mesh is here to help.

1. Durability

When purchasing a sign you want to be confident that it is durable and mesh is the material for the job. The airholes make any sign you design windproof, which means they won’t flap around in bad weather and have less chance of getting damaged.

We also make sure our mesh has the best features, at Maxi Signs we use plastic eyelets which means there is nothing to rust and everything stays looking fresher for longer. We also weld the edges for reinforcement instead of using banner tape – small details that make a big difference with the lifespan of the sign.

The mesh itself is also waterproof which means any design you have printed on it will last for a long time.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Because you are able to rely on the high-quality nature of a mesh sign, it is an effective marketing technique that only requires a one-off payment. You can get a lot of use out of one sign if it has been designed correctly. If you aren’t sure about what is the best style for you, then here at Maxi Signs we are happy to help.

We have a team of graphic designers that specialise in creating highly effective, cost-efficient signs that turn passers-by into customers. We can help you convert your roadside exposure into money by creating a visually appealing and targeted sign.

We can create them to advertise all event and promotions you are running, however if you are just creating brand awareness then these signs can move with you from site to site.

3. Premium Mesh Banners

Our Mesh banner is fantastic because it is not only durable weather-resistant, but also the ideal printing material. Due to advances in technology, we are now able to print vivid and eye-catching designs onto these signs that will turn heads as they pass by.

You will find that a targeted sign can create more market awareness than an online campaign as it reaches different demographics of people. With such a possible impact, the last thing you want is a low-quality sign that fades and rips.

This broken sign will become associated with your company and that is the sort of thing that will stay in a person’s subconsciousness. At Maxi Signs, we only use high-quality mesh that will avoid that scenario entirely and make sure that your business is associated with the best.

4. UV Resistant

If you live in a warm climate or get a lot of direct sunlight, then your sign must be able to survive that sort of exposure. The UV rays from the sun can cause fading on signs and the last thing you want is your logo or business name fading.

mesh banners are UV resistant and are designed to last longer – making them ideal for outside advertising. They work well as a temporary fence sign or banner.

5. Completely Custom Design

Because of how versatile mesh is, companies use it for all sorts of advertising across a wide range of industries. It can display a wide range of designs both colour and graphic, without losing the quality of the image.

If you are needing large scale printing or running a one-off promotion that is different from your usual branding, it can be hard to finalise the design that you want. The last thing you need is to spend a lot of time and effort creating a sign that doesn’t look good after printing.

That is where the team at Maxi Signs comes in! It doesn’t matter whether you are an international construction company that needs building site signs or you are trying to promote a kindergarten bake sale – we can help you create the design you need.

We will work alongside you and your brand to create the best content possible, offering advice and options if you require them.

What Are You Waiting For?

With so many benefits – what’s stopping you from investing in a mesh sign? If you are not sure about whether you need one or how it can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Maxi Signs today.

We can offer you a personalised quote within 24 hours, graphic design assistance, and shipping across Australia. Not only that – we will also help you install your signs as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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