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  • Event signage is a powerful tool for attracting your targeted audience through your business campaign for marketing and advertising. Event signage plays a big part in your company’s brand. That is why it becomes important to have planned out all the signage and brand awareness for the event taking place.

    Benefits of Event Signage
    Here is a list of some of the advantages of even signage.

    1. It Improves Credibility
    You should be using signage for getting a much higher attendance than you would get otherwise. Before any event takes place, you should be planning on the positions, and areas for all the relevant signage, that will help in getting the word out or get some interest built up in your targeted audience. As the event progresses, this event signage would create a sense of legitimacy and credibility as well.

    2. It Creates a Better Brand Recognition
    When you use effective, clear, and creative event signage to promote your business or a specific event, you make sure that your brand gets recognized among the audience – make the title visible as it gives a visible cue for all the people attending your event. This paves way for ultimately increasing brand awareness among people.

    3. It Promotes the Important Stuff
    What’s more, you can also utilize these signs as your event progresses to promote any upcoming event. You can also promote your supporters, advertisers, and sponsors during your event. Doing so becomes important as there is a great deal associated with advertising the sponsoring parties of your product or event to keep getting the support you want in the future. For that reason, a good event signage will do wonders for you.
    It is also essential that you include your social media outlets as not only they will pave way for better audience on the digital platforms but it will also give your business the official outlook you need to get ahead of other brands. This added social media buzz will add to the anticipated success coming from your future events with possibly more audience.

    4. It Creates Better Public Awareness
    As you use effective signage for the promotion of your already going event or an upcoming event, you pave way for ensuring better profitability and success rate of your said event, product, or business campaign. Event signage involves a lot of diverse options for displaying your ads, products, and services and hence adds to the public awareness about your brand in general. This makes your business a lot more visible than it was before.

    5. It Helps in Creating Good Promotional Strategy
    Event signage is a way to effectively direct your business marketing campaign in a visible and analyzable position. It does not matter what the size of the target audience is, when you use the right strategy for promoting your business, it paves way for better success of your business event or overall brand recognition. Therefore, you have to make sure you effectively use even signage or else you would not be able to attract the customers and create actual beneficial results through your campaign. You can utilize event signage to a specific strategy – brand awareness creation, advertising an upcoming event, and whatnot.

    6. It Helps Give Useful Information
    You can use attractive event signage to educate your people not only about your brand but also about the subject being talked about – many successful businesses are of the belief that people are looking for some insightful knowledge that add to their know-how about a subject and helps them have better research about a matter. Not only this, if you provide helpful directions to the people coming to a said place for an event, using signs to help them guide through rooms, washrooms, and parking lots can build a sense of credibility and trust between the client and the business. Use a little bit of your advertising budget to make such attributes that would eventually attract a larger client pool for your business.

    Final Word
    The possibilities for attracting a large pool of audience for your event are endless when it comes to using the right strategy – and for business events where you really need something to attract the attention of your audience, using event signage can be of great help. It doesn’t matter if other companies are using the signs too, with just a bit more creativity and customizability, you can make sure that the event signage you are using really go into your direction and help you attract the audience you want.

    There are a lot of ways you can utilize banners to get more appeal to your brand or product, but using pull up banners for your business is one of the top options. Let’s talk about the different types of pull up banners and see how they differ.

    Why Are Pull up Banners Important?
    You can get a lot of attention from your targeted audience at any event or a place using pull up banners. However, this is not the only reason you might want to purchase pull up banners for your business. The other reasons you may want a pull up banner is because they are highly portable and lightweight and can be used to be carried from one place to another quite conveniently. This ease of use makes them so popular among different businesses, and a lot of brands rely merely on these types of banners to promote their business. One can use them to display their content for advertisement in a highly effective manner to their audience.

    Types of Pull up Banners
    1. Retractable Banners
    These types of pull up banners are ideally utilized as roller banners and come with one printed side, generally supported through a stand. The side that comes behind is left blank. As explained, the roll up banners are highly portable and can be transported easily from one place to the other. One can use them as a marketing tool for promoting different events. It is easy to customize these pull up banners for any business displays as per your marketing campaign or business needs.
    2. Double Sided Pull up Banners
    As the name implies, you get to have designs on both sides of the banner. Now, that pretty much amplifies the marketing efforts concerning your campaigns as people from all directions can actually see what is the banner about, something not achievable by standard pull up banners. You can do customization on both of the sides and place the banners at a position where they are clearly visible to people in all directions. Theme shows, restaurants, and retail centers are some of the places where these kinds of pull up banners would work excellently.
    3. Luxury Retractable or Pull up Banner
    These types of banners use the same high quality print as the standard retractable banners. It comes with a luxury base that is heavy duty, and sleek.

    What Do you Need to Consider?
    When searching to purchase a pull up banner, you should consider these things.

    Full Digital Print Coverage – the banner should be a high quality print, so that it is sharp, well-read, and attractive to the eye of the audience seeing the banner. Minimum Time for Set up – a quick and efficient pull up banner should take about only a few minutes to get set up and be packed.

    Graphic Design – Ensure your artwork is high resolution, and if you need artwork designed for the banner, get in touch with the team.

    Final Word
    Pull up banners are a smart way of kick starting your marketing campaign with their high portability, ease of use, and better transportation. You will need to, however, keep in mind that choosing a creative design is what you need to actually make your marketing campaign impressive for your event. Once you have made an appropriate choice, it is time to make an investment that is suitable and goes well according to your marketing plan.


    A banner has a lot of purposes, especially for marketing and advertising. One key element everyone needs to see in a banner is that it should build brand awareness, be visible and aesthetic.
    The type of banner you are going to use, will depend on your budget, the place you will be placing it, the message, and the purpose.
    First of all, you need to consider important elements like the graphic colors, readability of the slogans you are going to use, and the durability of the material to be used. Other factors that play an important role in determining the effectiveness of your promotion campaign using banners include the length of the time for which the banners are going to be used, and the location of your promotional banner. As you decide these parameters, it becomes easier to go one step ahead and choose the banner of your choice.

    Mesh Banners
    Mesh banners are made using a PVC material that have little air holes throughout. This enables the air to transcend through the banner and helps it keep stable so that the viewers are able to clearly get the message written or designed on the banner. A lot of brands use these kinds of banners for advertising their business outdoors that include construction sites, parks, and other places like these. One can use these banners to promote their company for a long time for a lot of reasons as they are made to last la while if they are properly maintained.

    Advantages of using Mesh Banners
    Some of the pros of using mesh banners include:

    • Lightweight and durability
    • Resistance against tearing
    • Allowance of air to pass
    • Maximum exposure with large sizes
    • Plastic eyelets that don’t rust
    • Hemmed edges for re-enforcement

    You can get customized, high-quality, and high-resolution, welded mesh banners by clicking to the link here.

    Vinyl Banners
    Vinyl banners are composed using a solid PVC vinyl material. You can see a lot of vinyl banners over high traffic locations, trade shows, shopping malls, and educational institutes. The banners are good for putting out sharp graphics and vibrant colors.

    Advantages of Vinyl Banners
    Some of the pros of using vinyl banners include the following:

    • High quality digital print
    • Maximum exposure with large sizes
    • Plastic eyelets that don’t rust
    • Hemmed edges for re-enforcement
    Check out the vinyl banners for more info about the product.

    Which One to Consider?
    For rough environments (like construction sites) or outdoor spaces, it is better to use mesh banners. Vinyl banners are normally preferred where you expect people to read thoroughly about the content written on the banners and the banner is planned to be placed indoors with a high quality print finish.


    A banner is a great form of advertising and an effective way to get information across to a wide range of people. A well-placed banner with decent roadside exposure will get your companies name and message across far quicker than just word of mouth.

    There are several different types of banners out there and it can seem hard to narrow it down at first glance. However this is where Maxi Signs is here to help – whether you want to increase your branding on-site or advertise a promotional event – we believe that mesh banners are the way to go.

    Why Choose Mesh?

    There is no substitution for quality and by choosing a mesh sign, you are guaranteed to get a good deal. They are incredibly strong and durable, work in every location, and as an added benefit, at Maxi Signs we use top quality thick 300gsm mesh with airholes.

    These airholes mean a sign will allow wind to pass through, and not block out the light. By choosing mesh you can install a sign onto all different structures – such as scaffolding or a balcony.

    This makes a mesh sign far more versatile than an opaque sign and is suitable for all your needs. Whether it is a permanent installation or something that will move around with your sites – mesh is here to help.

    1. Durability

    When purchasing a sign you want to be confident that it is durable and mesh is the material for the job. The airholes make any sign you design windproof, which means they won’t flap around in bad weather and have less chance of getting damaged.

    We also make sure our mesh has the best features, at Maxi Signs we use plastic eyelets which means there is nothing to rust and everything stays looking fresher for longer. We also weld the edges for reinforcement instead of using banner tape – small details that make a big difference with the lifespan of the sign.

    The mesh itself is also waterproof which means any design you have printed on it will last for a long time.

    2. Cost Effectiveness

    Because you are able to rely on the high-quality nature of a mesh sign, it is an effective marketing technique that only requires a one-off payment. You can get a lot of use out of one sign if it has been designed correctly. If you aren’t sure about what is the best style for you, then here at Maxi Signs we are happy to help.

    We have a team of graphic designers that specialise in creating highly effective, cost-efficient signs that turn passers-by into customers. We can help you convert your roadside exposure into money by creating a visually appealing and targeted sign.

    We can create them to advertise all event and promotions you are running, however if you are just creating brand awareness then these signs can move with you from site to site.

    3. Premium Mesh Banners

    Our Mesh banner is fantastic because it is not only durable weather-resistant, but also the ideal printing material. Due to advances in technology, we are now able to print vivid and eye-catching designs onto these signs that will turn heads as they pass by.

    You will find that a targeted sign can create more market awareness than an online campaign as it reaches different demographics of people. With such a possible impact, the last thing you want is a low-quality sign that fades and rips.

    This broken sign will become associated with your company and that is the sort of thing that will stay in a person’s subconsciousness. At Maxi Signs, we only use high-quality mesh that will avoid that scenario entirely and make sure that your business is associated with the best.

    4. UV Resistant

    If you live in a warm climate or get a lot of direct sunlight, then your sign must be able to survive that sort of exposure. The UV rays from the sun can cause fading on signs and the last thing you want is your logo or business name fading.

    Mesh banners are UV resistant and are designed to last longer – making them ideal for outside advertising. They work well as a temporary fence sign or banner.

    5. Completely Custom Design

    Because of how versatile mesh is, companies use it for all sorts of advertising across a wide range of industries. It can display a wide range of designs both colour and graphic, without losing the quality of the image.

    If you are needing large scale printing or running a one-off promotion that is different from your usual branding, it can be hard to finalise the design that you want. The last thing you need is to spend a lot of time and effort creating a sign that doesn’t look good after printing.

    That is where the team at Maxi Signs comes in! It doesn’t matter whether you are an international construction company that needs building site signs or you are trying to promote a kindergarten bake sale – we can help you create the design you need.

    We will work alongside you and your brand to create the best content possible, offering advice and options if you require them.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    With so many benefits – what’s stopping you from investing in a mesh sign? If you are not sure about whether you need one or how it can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Maxi Signs today.

    We can offer you a personalised quote within 24 hours, graphic design assistance, and shipping across Australia. Not only that – we will also help you install your signs as well.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


    Whether you are a new business starting in the trade industry or an established construction company, there is always room for some growth. Maybe you have always wanted to expand, but didn’t have the time or money to make that dream happen.

    At Maxi Signs we understand and are here to offer you a solution to your problem. You should invest in some signage that will strengthen your roadside exposure and convert your construction business into a top of mind brand that beats off the competition.

    Boosted visibility will increase brand awareness with potential customers and stop you relying on Google to bring in new people. Here at Maxi Signs, we create signs that make an impact and will work with you to strengthen your brand.

    A well-placed sign can lead your business to new levels of success. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should let Maxi Signs help:

    Visibility Is King

    There is no alternative to visibility when it comes to the success of a business. Reviews and rankings are crucial – but no one can judge a company they have never heard about.

    A key part of any awareness strategy is to create an eye-catching sign that will lodge itself into the subconscious of passers-by. However just because it draws attention, does not mean that it has to be bright or garish.

    You need to pick a design or colour scheme that works for you and helps create a strong brand. Whether that is a monochrome banner with your logo, a vinyl sign with your trademark, or a picture of the team, you need to find the strategy that works for you.

    If you are not sure then do not hesitate to approach us with an idea as we can provide you with a tailored quote. At Maxi Signs we work alongside our customers to create the perfect design, however you always have the final say.

    Stand Out in The Crowd

    Construction is a competitive market and there are always plenty of companies for every opportunity. Whether it is a residential project or something larger scale, you will see banners, signs, and trucks, all branded with their company name.

    If you are not already implementing this brand awareness strategy, then it is something to consider and one way to compete with all the noise is by having a unique sign. Do not let customers mistake you for another company – even briefly.

    Your sign should reflect your unique selling point and act as a window into your company’s ideals. Are you a family run construction company that has passed down generations of knowledge to create the business you see today?

    Or is quality your passion – with every job and every new site turning into a labour of love? Perhaps you are known for your speed with targets made to be smashed and the customer testimonials to match?

    Whichever one is you – or perhaps all three are fit – you need to find a way to reflect that onto the sign. It will be there 24 hours a day, projecting your brand, so taking some extra time before installation will make all the difference.

    Maxi Signs is here to help to handcraft a sign that will say more about your business than you ever thought was possible.

    Think Smart

    Construction site signs are fantastic because as well as being an effective tool for promoting your business, they are also cost-effective. Once you make the one-off payment you will have something that is working for you for as long as you want it to.

    There are no maintenance costs – especially with a high-quality company like Maxi Signs – and a well-designed sign does not need constant updating. If you think about how many people will see your sign in contrast with the costs it requires to get that level of exposure online, it is a no brainer.

    Unlike an advertising campaign – there is no exposure date and it won’t need updating to fit new trends. A well-placed sign will stick in a passers-by mind for days/weeks/and hopefully years to come.

    Use Them to Your Advantage

    If you are running a promotion or have something you want your customers to know about then a sign outside your business or construction site can work wonders in driving in new enquiries. Word of mouth is a highly effective way of piquing interest as you just need the right people to see your offer and build awareness.

    Even if your promotional deal is permanent – having a sign to make customers aware of it will increase awareness. This sign might be different from your usual branded design.

    Maxi Signs can help you design a one-off banner/sign/flag – whatever you need to help get customers in. Our team of graphic designers is experienced in standing out for the right reasons and digital strategies to increase brand awareness.

    How Can I Get a Sign?

    You are already in the right place! Here at Maxi Signs we would love to help you with all your signage needs.

    You must invest your money wisely and get professional signs for your business. We can also help you refresh your existing signs for either rebranding or more top of mind awareness in potential customers.

    We have our most popular items listed on our website for your convenience already – but if you do not see something you like – please get in touch. We will offer you a personalised quote within 24 hours that you are sure to love.

    Once you have designed your perfect construction then we will also help install it. At Maxi Signs we are proud to offer Australia wide shipping which means our expertise will be able to reach you no matter the location.